Something Bab_ish

Baby shoot Photography

What is the name of this Lovely kid?

“Baby Dior”

Dior, like Christian Dior?

“No Dior like baby D_i_o_r!”

Okay great. Lovely kid Baby Dior He is.

That is a father arguing in defence of her kids name. Lovely kid with a lovely name. But come to think of it. How challenging can baby photography become? Indeed photographing babies can sometimes be a challenging task, since kids get creative, imaginative and be full of  fun.

Babies typically do not like posing for the camera (especially when they are too busy doing something they like) Everything happens way too fast, making it extremely difficult for the photographer to capture the moment. Since children are fast, dynamic and spontaneous, it is virtually impossible to command them to do what you wish.

Then as a child photographer how can you overcome that? Set up your camera to a setting where you will be able to control the process Have the props to entertain the child or to set the mood for the photo shoot. Get down to their level and figure out your angles. Be patient and be ready for mood swings and take lots of pictures and have fun.


Model: Baby Dior

Photography: Josethomephotography.


















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